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We understand how difficult it can be to buy a bike online. There is so much choice, and two bikes could be the same on paper, yet have a completely different feel once riding. This is why we believe in the power of test-rides, so that you can purchase your bike with the confidence that it will serve you well – for years to come.

How does it work?

Select any bike for a free one hour test, get a professional consultation on-site from our friendly team. We will explain everything you need to know about the bikes.

Take a ride with us and make the decision for yourself!

Brands You Can Test

Sushi Bikes offers electric bicycles (e-bikes) designed for urban use. These bikes are known for their minimalistic and purist design, being lightweight, and their affordability.

The brand aims to provide flexible and green urban mobility options. They offer models like the Maki 3.0 and California Roll 3.0, which are notable for their cost-effectiveness compared to average e-bikes. Improvements in newer models include a higher battery capacity, powerful hydraulic disc brakes, and a more comfortable riding position with wider tires and riser handlebars. The bikes are designed in Munich and made in Portugal.

Fara Cycling is a premium bike brand based in Oslo, Norway, established in 2016. It offers a range of high-quality, full carbon bikes with disc brakes, designed for various types of cycling including road, gravel, and all-road.

Their bikes are known for their versatility and ability to handle different terrains, making them ideal for both urban cycling and outdoor adventures. The F/All-Road model, for example, is equipped with mudguard and luggage mounts, and can accommodate 700×38 tires, highlighting its adaptability for different cycling needs. Fara Cycling’s designs are influenced by Nordic minimalistic aesthetics and the rugged Norwegian landscape, aiming to deliver both functionality and style in their bicycles.

Temple Cycles is a UK-based brand that specializes in crafting lightweight steel bikes. Their range includes classic, step-through, gravel/adventure, road, and electric bikes, all characterized by timeless design and versatility.

They emphasize sustainable materials, such as Reynolds steel which is sourced from 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable. Temple Cycles focuses on producing bikes that are built to last, offering a lifetime warranty and designing their bikes to become future heirlooms. The Classic Lightweight model, for instance, is described as the ultimate all-rounder, ideal for light touring, commuting, and leisure​.

Crow Bikes offers versatile lightweight electric bikes, suitable for gravel, road, and urban settings. Their ebikes feature removable batteries and motors, allowing for easy transformation into regular bikes. Based in Madrid and San Diego, Crow Bikes aims to disrupt the cycling industry and promote micro-mobility. They provide a range of models, catering to different riding styles and budgets

Design your Bike was born out of Switzerland and brought to Germany by the founders Elias and Alberto. DYOB focuses on providing the customer a truly customised experience with endless possibilities to build your dream bike.

Build a fully customised city or gravel bike, completely to your specifications. Hub gears? Belt drive? Disc brakes? Dynamo? No problem! All options are ready to be configured. Backed by a 10 year warranty and comprehensive personal advice before and after the purchase. DYOB and VELOROO are there to make your bicycle dreams come true!

BZEN, a Belgian brand crafting super light electric bicycles in Europe, embodies tranquility in urban commuting. BZEN prioritizes minimizing the weight of its bicycles, resulting in models that are incredibly agile and easy to ride. Weighing in at just 14.5-16.4 kg, even with an electric motor, these bikes maintain exceptional maneuverability.

Each bike is meticulously assembled in Europe, with every component refined to meet the highest quality standards.

Utilizing premium materials from top manufacturers like Continental, Shimano, Gates, and Busch&Müller, BZEN ensures durability and longevity in every ride. BZEN takes innovation further by integrating all electronics, including the battery, seamlessly into the frame design. This integration not only enhances the aesthetics of the bike but also improves weight distribution and overall stability. With innovative technology and extreme lightness, BZEN offers the perfect solution for city rides.

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