About Us

Veloroo Cyclehub started as a passion project between two lifelong friends from the UK who moved to Berlin. After about a decade working in the bicycle industry, as mechanics, shop leads, consultants, Rich and Oskar decided it was time to form the new Bicycle store concept.

Currently with locations in Berlin and Munich, Veloroo partners with bike brands to offer a one-stop solution for brands and customers alike. Veloroo CycleHub locations offer: Showroom, test rides, consultations and a professional workshop to support you with service, repair and warranty for your bike. A truly unique experience to the customer.

Veloroo stands for reliability, agility, and flexibility. Together, we will not only find the right solution to your request, but directly execute on it!


A different concept

Veloroo CycleHub’s mission is to revolutionise the typical bike store experience. Our goal is to bring you closer to your bicycle and to the bike community around you. Get to know the full potential of your bike and explore new horizons with other brands!

Whether you’re stopping by to test e-bikes or bicycles, seek expert advice, attend one of our bike events, bring your bike for repairs, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee before your ride out, you will always receive genuine, personalised support and the highest quality experience for all your bicycle-related needs.

At Veloroo CycleHub, we believe in the power of community. Get to know the people behind the bikes, join group rides, discuss bike mechanics with our experts, try out different types of bicycles, and find the best bike for you – do all of this here!



At Veloroo, our mission is to create a powerful connection between you as a rider and leading cycling brands. We’re committed to guiding you through every stage of your cycling journey, from discovering your ideal bike to providing continual service and support. In addition, we integrate you into your vibrant local cycling community through engaging social events and group rides.

With decades of industry expertise, bolstered by our dedicated CycleHubs, we take pride in delivering professional service and personalised advice to enhance your cycling experience.

The only CycleHub you will need


Workshop Philosophy

At our repair workshop we provide professional mechanics dedicated to delivering the highest quality bicycle service, repair, and warranty support. By working directly with the brands we serve, we ensure that you will get expert mechanics, so that your bike can continue rolling for years to come.

We extend a warm welcome to all cyclists and bike enthusiasts. Whether you need a full service, fix a flat tire or you’re unsure about which bike to buy, feel free to ask us. Any reason is a good reason to visit Veloroo. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Veloroo CycleHub


We are bike riders, and our team understands the joy of cycling. We’re here to assist you in finding the perfect bike for your needs. Our team is passionate about discussing bikes and exploring their capabilities. With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, we offer premium bike shop services at all our locations.

Let us introduce our team members


About Oskar

Born in the North of England, over 11 years of experience as a mechanic and workshop lead in the cycle industry. Berlin based and enjoying the flatlands for fast riding!

Type of Rider

Road/Fixed Gear/Gravel


Geneva to Nice over the Alps.


Surly Steamroller and Giant TCR Advanced SL.


About Richard

Born in Sheffield, England. 11 years of experience within the cycle industry, as both a mechanic and a workshop manager for leading industry brands. Based in Berlin, missing proper British fish and chips!

Type of Rider

Gravel/MTB/Fixed Gear


Two time British Cycle Speedway Indoor National Championship winner.


Orange Crush, Kinesis Tripster and Squid SO-EZ


About Martin

Hi, I am a 44 year old Irish man who came to Munich in 2012. I have worked in both tourism and the bike industry since 2003 and in my last position I spent 5 years as the head mechanic for Trek Bicycle Munich.

Type of Rider

MTB/Road/CC/Gravel/City/Cargo bikes


Riding in the bike park with friends- smiles per miles.


The bike i am riding- all of the bikes- i live N+1


About Benji

Hello, I am Benji, 38 years old, born in Miami/Florida, United States. I moved to Germany when I was a little kid …Since 2007, I have been working in the retail business for different companies. Since 2021, I have worked for TREK Bicycle Munich South as a Sales Manager.

Type of Rider

MTB, Gravel, City


Never sat on a road bike, got sent to Girona,Spain for 3 days of riding along the pyrenees.


My 1993 TREK 8800, YT Capra Core 4 and my future bikes to come!


About Jósep

Born in Iceland, Jósep was raised in his parents bike shop and had his own bike service shop in his hometown. Living now in Berlin and enjoying finally having 4 seasons.

Type of Rider

MTB, City, Cargo


Down to Maridalur and over Hengill.


Schwinn Moab pro, My cargo bike